The Good Dinosaur


Production and Fulfillment of Influencer Mailers

THAxperience Marketing


In the weeks leading up to the theatrical release of THE GOOD DINOSAUR, THAxperience Marketing coordinated the planning and management of an interactive, multi-state tour to promote the film. This tour experience offered fans the chance to take a picture with a 20-foot-tall character standee featuring the stars of the film, Arlo and Spot. Fans received a complimentary branded photo in front of the larger-than-life dinosaur and were encouraged to enter a social media contest by sharing their photo with a dedicated hashtag.


We designed an immersive 30'x25' environment where the photo experience could live, complete with rocks, shrubbery, grass flooring and a custom welcome archway. Arlo and Spot were featured in the center of the setup, surrounded by TVs and stone tables/stools that housed activity stations for kids.

Prior to the tour, THAxperience Marketing created an in-depth schedule with Disney’s field teams. We then set out with two box trucks and a carefully planned route to ensure that we arrived in each market on schedule. Once onsite, we were responsible for setting up the experience, ensuring smooth operations throughout the day and disassembling at the end.

To help the tour and film trend online, we incorporated social sharing into the experience. After friends and families had their picture taken by the brand ambassador, they were able to view the picture on an iPad and had the option of posting it straight to Twitter. Fans loved their new keepsake, and even Raymond Ochoa, the voice of Arlo, stopped by with his family to snap a few pictures!


In total, the tour traveled for six weeks and stopped at various family-friendly locations, including indoor and outdoor malls, zoos, sports arenas, ice skating rinks, state fairs and theme parks. Our tour stopped in the following 11 markets;

Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Austin, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; San Diego, CA; San Mateo, CA and San Francisco, CA;

Thanks to a successful turnout each day and our encouraging brand ambassadors, the experience had a strong social media presence under the official hashtag #MeetArloandSpot. In addition, the experience was featured on several morning shows in top markets, increasing the number of impressions.

With the culmination of the tour just a few days before the premiere, THAxperience Marketing helped THE GOOD DINOSAUR enjoy a successful opening weekend.

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